Programme for the 2017 PhD Symposium

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(updated 31 January 2017)
download symposium programme
(updated 1 February 2017)

Wednesday 8th February 2017

09:30am - 10:00am

Venue:Level 1 Foyer, Owen G Glenn Building

10:00am - 12:30pm

PhD Session I
Venue: Room 307, level 3, Owen G Glenn Building (Business School)
Mentor: David Mayes


Impact of Global Financial Crisis 2008 on Banks
Salah U-Din, Massey University


Measuring bank risk: An exploration of z-score
Xiping Li, Massey University


The effects of personal characteristics on the use of online banking in New Zealand
Saba Azeem, Massey University


SCAs, Debt Financing and Relationships with Lenders
Matthew McCarten, Otago University

10:00am - 12:30pm

PhD Session II
Venue: Room 315, level 3, Owen G Glenn Building (Business School)
Mentor: Bart Frijns


Analyst Dispersion and International Stock Market Returns
Wanyi Yang, University of Auckland


The role of tradable state ownership in Chinese corporate market performance volatility: Evidence from the Non-tradable Share Reform
Feng (Jennifer) Xie, Massey University


Gender Diversity, Co-movement of Mutual Fund Returns and Economic Benefit of Diversification
Saba Sehrish, Massey University


When are Extreme Daily Returns not Lottery? At Earnings Announcements!
Harvey Nguyen, Monash University


Capacity Constraints, Fund Flows and Hedge Fund Alpha: Emerging Market Evidence
Mui Kuen Yuen, Massey University

12:30pm - 1:30pm

To Top Lunch
Venue: Level 3 Social Bridge, Owen G Glenn Building
(Please note this is an update from the original venue)

1:30pm - 4:00pm

PhD Session III
Venue:Room 307, level 3, Owen G Glenn Building (Business School)
Mentor: Glenn Boyle


What Does It Mean to Be in a Team? Evidence from U.S. Mutual Fund Managers
Diamond Wang, University of Auckland


Mixed VC syndication in China: a combination of networking and cost-benefit analysis.
Aria Zhang, University of Auckland


Mutual Fund Trading Behaviours
Jun Ma, University of Auckland


Round number effects in Crude Oil Futures Market
Ro (Victor) Cho, Massey University

1:30pm - 4:00pm

PhD Session IV
Venue: Room 315, level 3, Owen G Glenn Building (Business School)
Mentor: Paul Griffin


Governance and Capital Structure of Agriculture Cooperatives
Char-Le Wang, University of Auckland


Board of Directors, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance
Nava Ramezanian, University of Auckland


Technological Capability as a Key Determinant for Foreign Direct Investment – The Case of Indian Sub- Continent
Tahir Iqbal, University of Kuala Lumpur


CEOs' and directors' connectedness an the post-merger integration process in M&A context
Mai Vu, University of Auckland


Does CEO Inside Debt Discourage Innovation Output?
Ha Nguyen, University of Auckland