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The New Zealand Finance Colloquium was an initiative introduced in 1996 to promote the discussion, dissemination and development of finance related research within New Zealand. The colloquium is an annual event organised and held at universities throughout the country.

21st Annual (2017) New Zealand Finance Colloquium

The 21st Annual New Zealand Finance Colloquium was hosted by the Department of Accounting and Finance at the Business School of the University of Auckland.

The event included a PhD symposium on 8th February followed by the colloquium on 9th - 10th February.

PhD Symposium Awards

  • Auckland Centre for Financial Research (AUT Business School)
    When are Extreme Daily Returns not Lottery? At Earnings Announcements!
    Harvey Nguyen, Monash University
    Cameron Truong, Monash University

Colloquium Awards

  • BLR outstanding research award
    This prize acknowledges the founders of the colloquium. Professor Glenn Boyle, Dr. Martin Lally and Professor Larry Rose.
    Investor Horizon and Employee Satisfaction
    Alexandre Garel, Auckland University of Technology
    Arthur Petit-Romec, ESCP Europe

  • CFA ARX Best Paper Award ($1,000).
    The award entails a NZ $1,000 prize with a focus on Asia-Pacific and applied investment related papers.
    Are Tightened Trading Rules Always Bad? Evidence from the Chinese Index Futures Market
    Hai Lin, Victoria University of Wellington
    You Wang, Xiamen University

  • INFINZ - Best Paper award for Investments ($1,000)
    Analyst recommendations and international stock market returns
    Wanyi Yang, University of Auckland
    Henk Berkman, University of Auckland

  • MBIE - Best Paper award for Capital Markets ($1,000)
    Evaluating the Tracking Performance and Tracking Error of New Zealand Exchange Traded Funds
    Jun Chen, AUT
    Yi Chen, AUT
    Bart Frijns, AUT

  • SIRCA - Best Paper award for paper utilising SIRCA data ($1,500)
    The Interactions between Price Discovery, Liquidity and Algorithmic Trading for US-Canadian Cross- Listed Shares
    Ivan Indriawan, AUT
    Bart Frijns, AUT
    Alireza Tourani-Rad, AUT

Notice Board

2018 NZFC

The 22nd New Zealand Finance Colloquium will be hosted by Massey University, Manawatu campus.